Invisilab Data Guard solution for Cloud-based businesses

Do you want to provide more comprehensive service for your clients who use Google Apps and Gmail to run their business? We will give you a handy tool to analyze and protect your clients’ sensitive information with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Main functionality

Invisilab Data Guard allows setting up a secure working environment in situations when it cannot be organized with traditional data security solutions, i.e. for companies who use Google Apps and mobile devices for their business. The system automatically classifies your files and emails to determine documents containing sensitive information and then controls and protects it.

Benefits for your clients

  • Protection from information losses caused by sending it to wrong recipients or by publishing to social networks;
  • Monitoring of communication flows for potentially harmful messages;
  • Protection of information in case of mobile device loss;
  • Automated classification of information in corporate email and corporate documents.

Benefits for you

  • Increase your ARPU by adding new services to their offerings;
  • Increase loyalty of your clients by deeper penetration into their business processes;
  • Reduce your costs;
  • Improve maturity of an initial offering and gain an opportunity to extend your business to other market segments.

DataTrack Platform schem

How will it work

Several easy steps to start with Invisilab Data Guard

  • Set-up IDG plug-in to an existing Google account;
  • Install the mobile client from Appstore or Android Market;
  • Start working using a standard set of regular expressions and linguistic database. It inventories information assets are going through Cloud service;
  • Crate sensitive documents index using tips of the service for more appropriate handling of sensitive information or warnings when user is trying to do a risky action;
  • Improve the system detection rate using tips from our services.

Being aware of what kind of information you store at a Cloud drive or send by email and who are recipients or who have access to the information is very handy to make an assumption of risk of disclosure.

With our new solution you will be able to provide a more comprehensive service to your clients. As a partner of Invisilab you can earn a partner’s discount by providing the 1st (and optionally the 2d) line of customer support. We also provide our partners with an SDK solution and you can make your own solutions working as IDG value added reseller. For instance, you can integrate customer HR-system and the Cloud in order to manage access to the information assets. Moreover you can provide your clients with the service of tuning the solution to get better results with detection and information classification providing them with custom linguistic classifiers and regular expressions. You can manage information security policies as a virtual security officer.

Technical details

The solution consist of two main parts: IDG-service and mobile client. IDG-service works as deep packet inspection (DPI) engine checking through information streams and as security policies service. It uses sample based (digital fingerprints), regular expression (template) based and linguistically based algorithms to detect the information. The service marks e-mail and files on Cloud drive with labels related to information categories.
The mobile client organizes virtual private space that separates sensitive information and other information on mobile devices. Using information category labels and security policies it shows tips and warnings or even can make enforcement actions depending on the security policies.

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