We already created the company, gathered the team and released our base product in the projecting line. We are engaging our partners in the product probation and building partner network to distribute the products and create an additional value. We did it all and continue doing on our own. But we would like to challenge the existing information threats and believe that our experience and knowledge help us to create new products more efficient to protect information. We believe that our blueprints of the innovative products would be the same effective in data losses prevention as modern antiviruses and firewalls in resisting to external information threats.

We need investments to accelerate our business, involve more people to products distribution, sales channels building and, of course, to develop more complex products. We need it because our modest sources of the business sustaining do not allow compete with players on the market. We need it because every new step in our business development takes too long time to be agile and deliver new products to the market.

We started up on very prospective market. It rises year to year as information technologies penetrate our life, as activity in social networks is more difficult to separate out of daily job, as cloud technologies appear, as people are getting understand vulnerability of their personal data, as regulators tightening the lows. Every dollar invested in a company on the market would return $10-20 in 3-5 years. This reason makes a DLP company the product itself and shares in such a company will allow you not only get revenue from product distribution but ensure your investments.

We are looking for any kind of investments and business development collaboration and would be pleased to cooperate. If you are interested in we will send to you additional information and/or organize the project presentation

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