DataTrack solution concept schem

To succeed in business companies must allow their employees to use modern organizational and communication tools. This means they should be mobile and use pervasive communication tools (like e-mail, web based collaboration tools, social networks, cloud technologies and so on) to do their job well. These modern tools bring a lot of opportunities and risks as well.

DataTrack is a product line intended to help identify, monitor and protect sensible data in use, in transition by communication channels and at storages through wide range of tools such as deep content inspection, contextual security analysis of transition and with centralized management framework. The product line is designed to shrink the risks of unauthorized usage and transition of sensible information as well as to help keeping maximum convenience and flexibility in business tools choice at the same time.

Our approach is to provide the best quality and make the products affordable for different kinds of customers. You can start with our base product controlling web/e-mail, instant messagers (ICQ, Qip etc.) and end-point operations intended for small/home office. This product designed with advanced detection algorithms, works “out of the box” and provides maximum efficiency with low ownership cost.

If you have mature security model and would not satisfy with monitoring only internet traffic and end-point activity you can choose advanced set of our products including data protection elements and analysis module that will bring your information security up to a new level of pro-activity. DataTrack Enterprise edition set also includes deployment and extended administration kits.

All the products in line designed to make your upgrade from the base product to advanced set easy and gradual. You do not need to choose whether you need SMB or Enterprise edition. Once you choose Platform product you can upgrade your solution step by step attaching what exactly you need.

If your enterprise is really big and require more we can provide you DataTrack Enterprise edition with Heavy Duty Options that could be really useful in complex IT infrastructure with large number of users

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