Solution Concept

Our approach to data losses prevention is based on security model covering three main grades of information processing lifecycle: creation, classification and modification.
Common approach of data losses prevention and protection connected with classified information and the phase of creation becomes a weak link in chain. It happens because this phase is usually below the radars. Sensitive data is created by people and they work with it before the classification, can share it or misuse. The data on the grade of creation is not less sensitive than classified one and need the protection too. We use morphological analysis algorithms to detect such kind of data and signal about unprotected assets.
We believe that data security solution is effective when it covers all stages of information lifecycle, let you work with minimum limitations using all range of modern communication and mobile technologies, transparent for user and affordable. We intended our product solution to make your work easy and safe.

DataTrack solution concept schem

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Data transition analysis

Can work in both monitor and interceptor modes

End-point protection

Easy deployed via LDAP directory services, works transparent for user

Protected workflow

“Protected containers” is our innovative approach to protect data “in use” and “at rest”

Pro-active components

Facilitate making decision by collecting, transforming, preparing data

Single point management

Easy management with web-based console

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