Protected Workflow

Imagine your company has managers working on the wheels. They are always in business trips and use their laptops to communicate the office and for their daily work. It is widely spread situation in the modern world that carries treats for sensitive data.

  • First, the managers create or process confidential data in unprotected environment of their laptops and often the laptops are the objects of theft or loss.
  • Second, even if you protect the laptops they need to communicate to the office or to a cloud service or to partners using unprotected channels.
  • Traditional data protection methods do not work because they are targeted to defend data from unauthorized usage and do not control what happens when the data are unlocked and in authorized usage. Even if a person uses protected laptop and have possibility to use protected channel once he/she take sensitive data out of protecting envelope the data becomes uncontrolled. All the system of data protection you built to keep data safety is falling apart at the moment. The person is free to use an unprotected channel, to share the data or to put to unprotected source accidently or intentionally.

    Protected Containers are Invisilab’s know-how fusing data protection technologies and DLP technologies. Protected Containers are the trusted ambient for work and protection for transmitting or storage at the same time. You even can use this technology to safety work with confidential data in unfriendly environment (internet cafe, for instance). During the work Protected Container creates its own safety ambient and limits content exchange with the outer environment. Any data can be put into the container. If you need to take the information out it is possible by special exchange gate and after inspection in line with security policy (or its copy in offline mode) similar with Data Transition analysis technology. Transmitting of the whole container is possible without limitations and is safe. When you lock the container finishing your work with a classified document DataTrack clears temporary files and cash those can contain pieces of confidential data. Other words all the processing activity goes inside the protected application and its tracks are cleared as soon as it is closed.

    You can optionally use the industrial encryption algorithm AES-128/256 that is transparent for users.

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